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June Assisting Resilient Women with The Women’s Centre

The Women's Centre Donation

The unfortunate reality is that home isn’t safe for everyone. On any given night, more than 6,000 Canadian women and children sleep in shelters because their homes are unsafe. In light of this, our team decided to support The Women’s Centre with a $500 donation to help fund their essential services. Since their facilities are being used by more than 160 women and children every year, it takes a lot of effort to keep the property in tip-top condition.

The Women’s Centre focuses on supporting women who’ve experienced gender-based violence by providing a shelter for up to 6 weeks. Beyond this, they offer numerous services all catered to create a safe space for women and ensure they make it through their crisis soundly.

During the past couple of years, they launched some new initiatives including:

  1. OUR Place: To prevent human trafficking for youth aged 12-15.
  2. Partnership with Keystone, Child, Youth & Family Services: To provide women and children with mental health support services.
  3. Collaboration with Saugeen First Nation: To reach more indigenous women in need of their services.

We’re pleased to support an innovative and caring leader in shelter provision during our ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ charitable campaign. Our team wholeheartedly stands behind their mission in continuing to make women’s lives free from abuse and violence.

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