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SickKids Virtual Presentation Tour + Donation

SickKids Lunch and Learn

At the beginning of 2022, Brevitas launched “Attitude of Gratitude”, a 12 Months of Giving Campaign. Each month, we donated to a charity chosen by our clients and team members. To narrow down our 2023 pledge focus to the causes most valued in our community, we surveyed our clients and team members for their top charity picks. In response to 46% of participants including SickKids in their top charities, we were pleased to further donate $1,000 and invite them to our March meeting to present an update on their latest initiatives.

Last year, the SickKids team delivered an engaging puzzle presentation to us on the core values driving them as an organization. They spoke about their efforts to deliver safe, high-quality care despite the clinical backlogs, increasing patient volumes and staffing shortages stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, Taylor sat down with us for a virtual Lunch and Learn focused on the 3 pillars of their fundraising campaign:

  1. Construct the new hospital: The new campus will provide opportunities for the SickKids team to fine-tune their skills to accommodate the increasing complexity of their patient’s needs.
  2. Continue breakthrough research: This is all about going from the research labs to the bedside and facilitating better diagnosis and treatment plans for their patients.
  3. Partner for better care: SickKids is developing a seamless system of children’s healthcare by reducing fragmentation and strengthening global partnerships that ensure patients are treated at the right time.

The success stories they shared touched our team, and we were glad they could speak at our meeting. We are excited to see the new breakthroughs their organization will uncover as they near the completion of their new campus.

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SickKids Lunch and Learn

SickKids Virtual Presentation Tour + Donation