On-Demand Procurement Services

In the ever-evolving landscape of procurement and sourcing, businesses encounter multifaceted challenges. From optimizing costs to ensuring a resilient and efficient supply chain, the demands are diverse and dynamic.

Our Expertise: Comprehensive Procurement and Sourcing Solutions

At Brevitas, we are industry pioneers, addressing the intricate challenges in Strategic Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, and Category Management. Our commitment to elevating excellence is anchored in pioneering solutions, leading the charge in mastering the complexities of these crucial domains. Our approach is anchored in:

Strategic Procurement

  • Strategic Procurement Planning: Crafting robust plans aligning procurement with overall business goals.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Nurturing strategic partnerships for long-term value.
  • Cost Optimization Strategies: Implementing innovative cost-saving measures.

Strategic Sourcing

  • Market Analysis and Intelligence: Leveraging data for informed sourcing decisions.
  • Supplier Evaluation and Selection: Ensuring the right partners for sustainable success.
  • Risk Management in Sourcing: Proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks.

Category Management

  • Comprehensive Category Analysis: Understanding and optimizing expenditure across categories.
  • Lifecycle Management: Strategizing from sourcing to end-of-life product management.
  • Innovative Cost Modeling: Developing models for transparent and efficient cost management.

Our commitment goes beyond transactional procurement – we strive for strategic excellence, creating resilient supply chains and unlocking long-term value for our clients.

Industry Knowledge Base

  • Pure Pharmaceutical & Biotech experience
  • Market knowledge
  • MOUs with major OEMs

Negotiation and Client Engagement

  • Collective knowledge that is continuously transferred to our clients throughout the project
  • Continuous engagement with the OEM community worldwide
  • Advanced Negotiation Playbook

Contract/ Project Management

  • Ability to reduce capital costs, maintaining on-time & on-budget procurement plans
  • In-house ERP
  • Assist to Develop and manage complex procurement plans, processes and contracts.