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October Helping Hope Take Flight with the Children’s Flight of Hope

Children's Flight of Hope Donation

In the wake of the pandemic, hope appears in short supply everywhere you look. Yet, the Children’s Flight of Hope has been keeping hope alive since the 1990s. This organization provides families with urgently required specialized medical care via air transit. For our ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ charitable campaign this month, Brevitas is donating $500 to help fund the organization’s commercial plane tickets.

The Children’s Flight of Hope puts forth a solid commitment to helping families through the entirety of their child’s treatment. Once a family has been accepted into their flight assistance program, they are supported throughout their medical journey to accommodate the child’s changing needs.

To support their ambitious mission they partner with well-established organizations such as:

  1. Shriners Children’s: Who provides critical treatment for children
  2. Southwest Airlines: Who contributes significantly towards their travel resources
  3. AeroAngel: Who accommodates private flight requests, especially in the case of medically-fragile children

The Children’s Flight of Hope emphasizes that they don’t fly because it’s easy or fun. They fly because it saves children’s lives. This noble cause resonates with our theme of giving and we are extremely enthusiastic to support an organization that creates hope.

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