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February Joining Rise Against Hunger in Their Mission to Nourish Lives

Rise Against Hunger Donation

Despite the incredible advancements human civilization has made, ending world hunger has proven to be a persistent challenge. That’s why when we surveyed our clients and team members to pick the charities closest to their heart, ending world hunger was top of mind. As part of our “Attitude of Gratitude”, 12 Months of Giving Campaign, Brevitas is donating $500 to support Rise Against Hunger‘s global movement to end world hunger.

Rise Against Hunger aims to impact hunger by empowering communities and building up their self-sufficiency. They have three main areas of focus:

  1. Empowering communities: Farmers are given the resources and skills they need to increase agricultural production and their resilience to climate change.
  2. Nourishing lives: Safety nets are provided for families and individuals to meet their basic needs and support them to break out of poverty.
  3. Responding to emergencies: Meals are provided to communities that are in immediate need of assistance to support their recovery.

Tackling the worldwide problem of hunger and malnutrition can be intimidating but Rise Against Hunger has made great strides. They have packaged over 500 million meals and impacted 2.7+ million lives. We look forward to seeing how their work will continue to create long-term sustainable change in keeping communities nourished.

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