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Isabella’s Dynamic Day of Career Planning with the Brevitas Team

Isabella Work Day

For our Recruitment Manager, Osmara Larrazabal, who works from home on Wednesdays, every midweek is Take Your Kid to Work Day. This November 2nd, Osmara took a different turn by bringing her daughter, Isabella, to the Brevitas office.

The result was a dynamic day for Isabella as she toured the office, shadowing all our team members. Visiting both our Consulting and Operations Teams, she gained valuable insight into the key positions that keep Brevitas running smoothly. Our Consultants explained the nuances of engineering and project management to her and detailed how we help firms meet their business requirements.

On the Operations side, she spent most of her time in the recruitment room where her mother works. There, she learned about our Staffing and Recruitment division, Resolute Workforce Solutions. Our Recruiters invited her to shadow them in their interviews and processes to source candidates. She witnessed firsthand the professionalism and ethical standard our team brings to our clients.

Undoubtedly, one of her favourite visits was to our marketing department. Because Isabella was heavily invested in video editing for her school projects, she found it helpful to learn how we put together our videos. As well, she enjoyed seeing behind-the-scenes footage of our charitable campaigns and how we reinvest in our community.

We hope this trip was insightful for Isabella, and we can’t wait to see how she builds her career path. Our leadership team saw great promise in her and we hope she will become an addition to the Brevitas team very soon!

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