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Incredible Insights at the ISPE-CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference

ISPE-CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference

As the pandemic restrictions ease, we at Brevitas were thrilled to return to in-person conferences starting with the ISPE-CaSA Life Sciences Technology Conference. Undoubtedly, many others felt the same with the conference breaking the previous attendance record with over 1450 registered.

It was an amazing experience seeing familiar faces and creating new connections in the biopharma space. The conference provided a great opportunity for like-minded innovators and industry leaders to share current trends across the life sciences industry.

Due to the great changes the pandemic had brought about, there were nearly endless topics to discuss in the ever-changing landscape! Two keynote learning sessions that stood out to us were:

  1. Ensuring Fit for Manufacturing in an Aging Facility
    • Centering around Biogen’s FFM program, lessons learned were explained for its implementation
  2. Implementing the New ATMP Good Practice Guide: A Focus on Autologous Cell Therapy Manufacturing
    • Going over the roadmap to developing solutions for critical issues surrounding manufacturing specifically for autologous cell therapy products

We returned packed with new applicable ideas and motivated to continue delivering high-quality, value-added services. We certainly hope to see you at the next conference and work together to achieve successful project delivery.

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