Commissioning, Qualification & Validation (CQV)

Comprehensive CQV Strategy Guarantees Successful Startup

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Commissioning, Qualification and Validation (CQV) activities play a crucial role in delivering operationally effective and compliant facilities, utilities, equipment and process. We support our clients throughout the full CQV life cycle, from early stage of user requirements gathering to start-up and operations handover. A comprehensive approach is taken together with the client’s interdisciplinary team during CQV process to facilitate a timely and cost-effective solution. During the course of our engagement, we continually educate your team, to facilitate knowledge transfer and ensure long-term sustainability.

Process Control Systems (PCS)

CQV of pharmaceutical manufacturing

Process Control Systems (PCS) comprise of the majority of the manufacturing systems used on the pharma shop floor. We apply an effective science-based Quality Risk Management (QRM) approach in PCS qualification based on the product and process understanding to reduce risk to product quality, patient safety, data integrity, while potentially saving time and effort.

At Brevitas, we are always on the lookout for evolving landscape and trends (e.g. Pharma 4.0, Validation 4.0, ATMP, Single Use Technology) in the regulatory environment to streamline our CQV approach to better meet industry compliance and your business requirements.

CQV Services

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Experienced in the vertical take-off after construction completion, we deliver value to your projects through the following CQV services:

  • Apply Quality Risk Management (QRM) approach for integrated commissioning and qualification activities that focus on product quality and patient safety
  • Attain quality compliance to regulatory requirements and alignment with business goals
  • Achieve technical assurance for the impacted systems and processes
  • Utilize paperless validation software, such as as Valgenesis, Kneat e-validation software, to deliver compelling productivity, cycle-time and compliance improvements across the entire CQV & CSV life cycle
  • Ensure operational readiness for turnover
  • Deliver project with high-quality on-time & on-budget

Commissioning, Qualification & Validation (CQV) Services

Commissioning & Qualification

  • Commissioning, Qualification & Validation Program Development & Implementation
  • Validation Master Plan Development
  • Design Qualification (DQ) Development/Execution
  • Commissioning (FAT, SAT) Development/Execution
  • Facilities, Utilities, Equipment, Process Control Systems Installation, Operational, Performance Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Development/Execution
  • Requirements Traceability Development


  • Process Validation (PV)
  • Automation System Validation
  • Sterilization Validation
  • Cleaning Validation (CV)
  • Laboratory Equipment Validation
  • Environmental Monitoring

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