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December Helping the Homeless – Raleigh Rescue Mission

Raleigh Rescue Mission Donation

According to the Raleigh Rescue Mission, homelessness is increasing by 8% each year in Raleigh and Wake County, totaling over 6,000 individuals seeking homelessness support services. The Raleigh Rescue Mission is an organization that tackles homelessness at its source; this entails overcoming trauma including domestic abuse, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and other family disorders or disturbances. It became clear to the Brevitas team that homelessness placed a substantial burden on the community. Hence, we supported the organization with a $500 donation to conclude our 2022 ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ charitable campaign.

Rather than using a band-aid approach, the Raleigh Rescue Mission recognizes that implementing true change takes time. With the end goal of clients purchasing their own homes, the organization assists them every step of the way. They put a strong emphasis on helping their clients build employable skills and re-enter the workforce. Some of the ways they assist their clients in getting back on their feet are by offering:

  • Life skills training
  • Vocational training
  • Financial coaching
  • Transportation to and from work
  • Automobile purchasing
  • Childcare
  • Transitional housing
  • Permanent housing

With the love of God powering their efforts, the Raleigh Rescue Mission goes beyond meeting their clients’ immediate physical needs. They approach their service with a deep belief in Christian principles that help people of all backgrounds build resilience and free themselves from negative trauma. We at Brevitas applaud the organization’s 60-year track record in working with the homeless population and their continued commitment to transforming the lives of the homeless through their New Life Plan.

Raleigh Rescue Mission - New Life Plan 6 Phases

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